2018 Crooked Lake Cottagers' Association Scholarship

Evan Richard Trusty

$500 Scholarship Recipient 2018

The Snow Lake Cottagers’ Association is proud to announce that Evan Richard Trusty is our 2018 Scholarship recipient. He is the son of Tom and Kelly Trusty from North Snow Bay, Snow Lake. Evan is a 2018 graduate from Fremont High School. He will be attending Trine University in the fall, majoring in design engineering technology and minoring in business. We wish him the BEST in his educational endeavors. The following essay accompanied his application:

“Snow Lake Essay” by Evan Trusty -

Living on Snow Lake Living on Snow Lake for the last four years has been the best experience for me. It is by far the most exciting and fun place I’ve ever lived. We moved here from Angola in 2014 and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. One of the best parts of living on Snow Lake is that there is always something to do. In the scorching heat of summer, it’s easy to make time to jump in the water, hop on a paddleboard, or take the boat out and cruise around the lake. Even if the weather doesn’t permit boating, there isn’t any type of weather that could prevent an exceptional day of fishing back in the channels in a kayak. In the fall there is nothing like taking a brisk ride on the boat and enjoying the beautiful sights of the trees and the nature that surround the lake. Living on Snow Lake, winter isn’t necessarily the season of sitting inside wishing it was warm. There are always things to do even when there is a foot of snow on the ground. Ice fishing is one thing that I always find joy in doing, especially when I get to learn from Doc, Snow Lake’s legendary expert. Ice fishing is one way to connect with nature even there aren’t trails to hike. Also, there is an abundance of snowmobile trails that weave through Angola and Fremont and across our county’s lakes. Cruising through these is a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy the amazing sights around Snow Lake during the colder months. There is nothing like soaking in the sight of hundreds of snow covered trees surrounding the vast stretches of ice. More than anything, though, I just enjoy the relaxed and fun vibe of life on Snow Lake.

Improving and preserving Snow Lake for future generations wouldn’t be a challenging task for anyone, if they only knew a few simple guidelines: protect the water and protect the beaches. These two elements of Snow Lake are at risk because people don’t always think about how their actions can harm the lake. I make sure I’m aware of actions that could harm the lake ecosystem, and I point these things out to the people around me. I don’t put litter or chemicals into the lake, because this could harm the aquatic life and prevent people in the future from having the great times fishing that I have had. Also, I keep beaches clean to make sure that Snow Lake looks as pleasing as possible and doesn’t get full of trash and yard waste, which could harm organisms that live in the lake, as well as their habitats. Keeping the beaches clean is one thing, but North Snow Bay, where I live, faces one more challenge. As boats move through here, wake erodes away at the beaches causing sand to drift into the water, which disrupts the ecosystem and reduces the quality of life for people who enjoy their beaches. Always making sure people drive their boats at appropriate speeds is a priority for me. I remind people when they’re going too fast. I enjoy sitting outside on the beach in the sun, as I expect future generations will, as well. I wouldn’t want to have that experience taken away by people driving boats through the channels and washing away the beaches.



Thank you to all the wonderful and generous Snow Lakers who donated money to our scholarship fund this year. WITHOUT YOU WE COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT!! These scholarship donations go directly into our Snow Lake scholarship fund to assist eligible applicants each year. One can also make an “In Memoriam” donation in honor of a deceased relative or friend. If you are a high school senior in the fall, please consider applying for the scholarship. Check out our scholarship website, www.snowlake.us. Please consider a donation for 2018.

Thanks again!

Carolyn Hohenberger and Ruth Graft Scholarship Committee


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