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Area Boater Safety Classes

Call Jim Kidd (260)833-2205

Safe Boating Course is being offered -Information Coming Soon





1. Full to Overflowing: A Study of Lake Carrying Capacity
2. An Economic Impact Analysis of the Lakes (Economic Report 2003)
3. The Economic importance of the Lakes (Economic Study 2011)
4. Steuben County Lakes : 200 years to change to our lakes

Update on Legislation
HB 1098: Has died in committee, at this time Rep. David Abbott is trying to get tagged onto another bill. The likelihood of this happening is narrow.
SB 389: Wetlands Bill is progressing at an alarming rate, we homeowners on our lake need to take action on this bill. Call, Email, your local State Rep. your Congressman and let them know how you feel about this bill. If it passes it will destroy our wetlands that help to filter our lake.
SB 266: This bill would establish a $30 annual fee for watercrafts registered outside the state of IN.This bill is progressing slowly but it is still moving along.


Steuben County Lakes Council

With the many environmental issues around our lake and all lakes in general we have the Stueben County Lakes Council keeping an eye out for our quality of life on the lake. Please read the attached letter from Jim Aikman and Pete Hippensteel's Position Paper on the Proposed CAFO [read]
[visit website]

Steuben Lakes Environmental Consortium, LLC (SLEC, LLC)

The mission of the Steuben Lakes Environmental Consortium, LLC (SLEC, LLC) is to advocate for responsible environmental management of the land, lakes, waterways and other natural resources of Steuben County.
Go to the website to read more about the CAFO


Steuben County Government

Steuben County has several avenues that lake issues are presented. Steuben County Plan Commission and BZA are examples of platforms for those issues issues around the lakes. We will try to keep you abreast of any issues that pertain to our Lake. Also check out the Steuben County Government for current information.


Indiana Department of Natural Resources

The Department of Natural Resources is a vast resource of information. You can find boating safety course information and practice tests. Specific information on lakes and water in general can be found on their website's Lakes/water section



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