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Current News and Events

Congratulations to Vidhi Sharma and Cory Absher, SLCA 2020 Scholarship receipients. Each will receive $500. Thank you to all the members who donate to our scholarship fund each year. Without you these scholarships would not be possible.


Snow Lake Association Newsletter (PDF Version

Spring is here, finally!  This newsletter is full of information for you to keep up with the happenings of Snow Lake. 

Please read for information regarding elections, meetings, activities, and membership. 


This year we will elect a new president and a new secretary. We need new people to step up and volunteer for these positions. This is an essential organization and has grown in the past 6 years. We ask that you consider getting involved to further the work that is being done. Send nominees to the current secretary at: amiabsher@gmail.com   

2008 Officers: 

President               Steve Schroeder

Vice-President       Doug Weidner

Treasurer              Connie Hermann

Secretary              Ami Absher

Membership           Marci Galambos

 Bi Yearly Meeting

Due to Corona Virus Our June 13th meeting has been cancelled. Our August 8th meeting is still on schedule as planned. We were able to get some of our spring work finished. Two goose and swan egg oiling trips were accomplished on April 4th and April 26th. These trips produced 67 goose and 12 swan eggs. This year was really tough due to weather and the birds moving their nests further into the wetlands making it harder or impossible to get to. At this time, we are permitted by the DNR and have permission to only do Snow Lake. Any other lake or stream is not on our permit. The purpose in the oiling is to control the population to a safer more controlled amount.

  Buoy Detail:

We have two new volunteers to help with our Lake buoys. Because of bad weather and the need for a work boat we hope to get these put in ASAP. If anyone has an older pontoon and is willing to drive it to help please contact Steve Schroeder (260) 905-6930.


  We appreciate any donation that you are able to give to the fireworks display.  It’s such a nice tradition to go over by boat and have a truly special night.

SAT. Evening July 4th Lake James 1st Basin

Did you know…Lake James does not organize the fireworks on the fourth of July.  However, local lake residents make up The Lakes Recreation Association, The DONATIONS from the residents on Lake James, Jimmerson Lake and Snow Lake provide the funds that support the show.  Sending your donation along with your membership is the easiest way. Your dollars go to the LRA who, in turn, pays the fireworks company. 

CAN YOU BELIEVE…those neighbors

Over the past few summers there have been more and more complaints of lake residents cutting or raking weeds from their beaches dumping and/or letting them float away into deep water. As the winds blow, so do the weeds, ending up across the lake or down the shore line. Please be a good lake property owner, and dispose of properly.

 WE Need Volunteers

Is your lake property important to you? Do you have  skills you could share to make our Lake better or help our Association?Are you concerned about the Environment?

If you answered yes to any of these, we need you to get involved.

What does my SLCA membership Include

1. Discounted Rate for Yearly Garbage and Recycling                  7. Supports Annual Fireworks

2. Water Quality Testing                                                                             8. Free Boater Safety Classes (Date TBD)

3. Weed Control                                                                              9. Newsletters to all SLCA Members

4. Lake and Lawn Quality Control through                                   10. Scholarships for Eligible High School Seniors

Swan/Geese Nest and Egg Reduction                                            11. Free Pier Signs to all New Members

5. Supplies Solar Lighted Channel Markers and Shallow Water Markers

6. Supports Sheriff's Patrol




Here Are a Few of The Snow Lake Photos You Will See in our New Photo Gallery



























Schuttlebutt Newsletter


Read Newsletter online for understanding the significance your membership has to our Lake Association. Read





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Fourth of July Fireworks
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