Canada Goose and Swan
Nest & Egg Reduction Program

The Snow Lake Cottagers' Association has taken a position on controling the Canada Goose population on Snow Lake and an interest in Mute Swan control on Snow Lake. We have documents and information concerning Goose and Swan control. You can open each document below.


+ Mute Swan Flier

+Canada Goose Control Leaflet

+Egg Treatment Information

+Goose Control Registration


Gary Hohenberger oiling swan eggs



Retention area ready for sediment
June 19, 2014

Retention Pond Preparation

The Lare Program


We have the extensive document on The Snow Lake Sediment Removal Plan in a PDF format. Please click here to open the Plan.

Below are the locations of upcoming dredging.

Dredging Site 1

Dredging Site 2

Dredging Site 3

Dredging Retention Pond Location